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This is us ! Who are we ?

Marianne Bellerose


I’m the creator of the company and I’m the one who makes all the ByCKL clothes right now. I graduated from Lasalle College in 2006 with a male specialization. My intention as soon as I entered college was to have my own clothing business. I tried the first time in 2007 which did not bear fruit. When I ended it I thought I should have a specific product with a target clientele for a future project because making clothes to make them with my particular style made my customer search more difficult despite my concept of customization. I left the project on ice waiting for the right moment.

The bike began to take up more space in my life as a means of transportation in 2009 as I start working on Cirque du Soleil touring shows where I started to clothing / costume under another eye. I was never a fan of lycra kits and at that time it was not as stylized as what is on the market right now. The day I wore one of my jeans to work was the worst time of my life I suffered martyrdom with the crotch seams. The designer in me woke up again and my research began. I went to San Francisco to visit established brands and again there were very few options for women. I came back to Quebec and jumped on the drawing board to make my personal wardrobe and rekindle the entrepreneurial flame.

I started developing clothing under MB Design Bike Wear in 2010, I added men’s clothing in 2012 in collaboration with Sébastien Mignot for tests and advices, I changed my name in 2017 for ByCKL by MB Design where I make the clothes of the brand ByCKL, I also make circus costumes and stage accessories that allows me to live the super power that life has given me.

What makes me vibrate the most through the products I make is to give them a meaning and a utility, to use my brain to create a product that will help to the person who will use it by taking into consideration the needs. I like to say that there’s never a problem only solutions, just take the time to think and try something.

Thank you for being part of my adventure and doing business with me, you have no idea how happy it makes me, says the girl who dances alone when she has orders!

Claude Boies

A biography!? I never know if I should start with beginning (the moment my mother welcomes me to the earth and finally give hope to humanity) or if I must focus on my ultimate achievements on this earth. Who am I? Oh, the existential question! Humor is a constant part of my life, not laughing in a day is absolutely impossible and unacceptable. Big fan of everyday life, I found myself in diversity. In my professional life I’m a manager for a telecommunication company (yes, a boss, watch out!), but no worries I’m taking good care of my people… Well I think 😉. I am also the father of a wonderful teenager, whose only goal in life to test my patience (I’m sure you understand that’s the primary role of a young teenager, so I cannot blame him. Well not always!). 

You'll probably ask yourself the following question "Where you came from with your skis to work with ByCKL?" First, I really hope that you didn’t ask yourself this question and secondly the adventure began quietly after meeting Marianne and understood how this company is her child love and her passion. Over time she knew, quite easily, to share hey passion for urban clothing and cycling by the same, but we get along immediately, what she does (clothes, cap, scarf and way more) is just perfect !!

So, to resume I work in partnership with Marianne on the communication, marketing, blog, administrative, transportation and above all other related tasks links to the company. Basically, I'm always busy, but the experience I’m getting from pay me an hundred time and working to give you all the best of what ByCKL can offer, fully worth its weight of gold!

Oh, before I forget, I never exaggerate the facts! I don’t think so! I’m pretty sure! Well! 😉

Tester team


Jean-Sebastien Mignot

Jean-Sebastien Mignot

Jean-Sebastien Mignot

Originally from the Outaouais, he arrived in Montreal in 1998 to work as a courier. For him cycling is much more than a job, it is a way of life and his biggest passion.

He has been involved for several years in l’association des messagers à vélo as well as in the organization of several events and courier races. For 2 years he has been delegating his tasks to the new generation in order to dedicate himself to his favorite bike discipline, cyclocross, with the team The Marauders who saw the light of day in Hochelaga through the legendary Vélo Espresso bike shop.

As a full-time bike messenger, he spends a lot of time on his bike and clothing is an extremely important part of his job. He was our first tester in 2012 when we were called MB Design Bike Wear, he also did tests for the Lululemon clothing brand and for Bern.


Étienne Trudeau

Jean-Sebastien Mignot

Jean-Sebastien Mignot

Etienne is passionate by fixed gear bikes and has been living through bikes for the last few years. Studying civil engineering and working as a bike messenger , all of his time not on a school bench is spent on a bike, summer or winter.

Now in love with bikepacking, Etienne did 8500 km across Canana in 2018 and 3500 km through Europe in Passionné de vélo à pignon fixe, Etienne ne vit que de vélo depuis déjà plusieurs années. Étudiant en 2019.... and all on a fixed gear bike! 

While traveling, he puts his ByCKL products through the worst conditions to test the limits of the different fabrics and ensure quality products.


Catherine Dubé

Jean-Sebastien Mignot

Catherine Dubé

  If you’re familiar with Byckl, you’ve probably seen Catherine’s face several times because she’s my ambassador. You can read her biography in the Ambassadors section below to learn more about her.

She will be a member of the test team for the group’s as the female voice and together we will develop exclusive models with feminine curves so that we can integrate a bit of class into the wardrobe. Who doesn’t want to be cute on a bike? I do, Marianne. So, with her help we’ll put the ByCKL touch in everyday clothes like I know so well. 

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Francis Gadbois aka Gadbike

Hailing from the south-shore of Montreal, Francis is invested body and soul in the world of cycling. After obtaining a diploma from the school of circus of Québec, specializing in acrobatic cycling, he has represented our country 4 times in world championship in this very discipline. He is now co-founder and artistic director of the Les Dudes circus company. He travels around the world and enjoys his free time between to presentations riding the most exotics of routes.

Part-time bike messenger, he is very attached to his Montreal routes and is involved in many cycling projets and events. In the summer, as well as in winter, he only travels by bike! When he heard about ByCKL, he immediately got hooked. “Well-thought models, well-made with a fine tuned esthetic, I didn’t hesitate a single moment before joining in on this adventure!” 

Now an ambassador to the brand, he is proud to support local production by wearing our clothes and sharing his advice on the steps towards research and development.

Catherine S. Dubé aka Cath Dubécyk

 Museum curator, bike messenger and a committed cyclist with a passion for arts.

By moving to Montreal, cycling became an effective mean to get around, and a determining factor in her personality and values.

Cycling allowed her to be more independent and daring, it also keeps her in shape and to opt for a more ecological lifestyle. After several winters cycling seasons, she becomes a bike messenger and gradually joined a community of equally reckless cyclists. Rain or shine, she’s on the road as the bike became her livelihood.

Cath Dubécyk never misses an Alleycats race and is always ready for a good cycling trip 

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